How It All Started

In the summer of 2009, a couple dear to us came to visit for a few days. My friend is a Breast Cancer Survivor. I had seen an idea in a magazine about making "sister" bracelets. It looked like fun, so I shared the idea with my friend. We decided to go to some local craft stores and see what we could find. The "Jewelry Making" department blew my mind! Where do we start? What do we need? We tried to stay focused by following the material list from the magazine. After our purchases, and the shock of how much it cost us, we went back to the house and began our bracelets. My friend chose pink Swarovski Crystals, some base metal beads, and a "Breast Cancer Awareness" charm. I loved it! I was hooked on the thrill of making meaningful jewelry. I dreamed about it! Everything I saw, everything I loved was an inspiration for a bracelet. Soon, I began making bracelets as gifts, for benefits, and women's ministy. Within a years time, I have invested in learning more about jewelry making, designing my own pieces, and entering bazzars and shows. I have met amazing, creative, and gifted people along the way. I have dreams! In the mean time, I am playing with ideas and trying to focus on and develop new skills. I love to meet and talk with other jewelry makers. This is my journal of an empty nester, stay at home wife, that believes life is beautiful, has a purpose, and wants to make every minute count. I want to create jewelry with purpose and beauty. Life is precious! Making jewelry is one of the ways I can express my love for life and others.